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‘The third Times a charm’, is a common slang phrase for someone who obviously did not get it right the first or second time. How many times have we heard that in life? Also, other phrases like, “Better to do it late, than never”, is another saying that makes the excuse of not doing it right the first time seem acceptable.

I am from Italian-American ancestry and in Italian, there is a word, ‘Capotosta’, which means ‘Hard-head’. That just about says it all. I am tired of not listening and trying to solve life myself. I am not Frank Sinatra, I cannot ‘do it my way’.

My wonderful guides, Dan & Jeanna Swiatkowski, had the patience of Job, dealing with me when they should have ‘slapped me upside my head’. I will not take them for granted again.

That being said, this is the third time I am starting the course again. My participation once again solidifies the magnificence of the MKMMA course itself, (which includes the Digital Connections), for I know first hand what Mark preaches throughout the course to do it right the first time and discover the power and performance that is life-changing.

If I can be of any assistance to anyone taking this course for the first time, I plead with you to make this a priority. I have personally scene changes in people I have spoken to who have done the course the correct way and are now reaping the benefits.

I regret not taking the ‘fabulous Davene’ seriously when she was teaching the Digital Connections Course. I thought it was more fluff than substance. Man, was I wrong? “Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa”. (Mea culpa is a Latin phrase that means “through my fault” and is an acknowledgment of having done wrong).

Mark has said many times, you cannot change the past or determine what will happen in the future, but you can control what is happening today. So the key is to do the work each day and spend the time like we are instructed to do.

The “Capatosta” gets it, finally.

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About dileog

Trained as a pharmacist, I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh, School of Pharmacy, operated and owned pharmacies for over 20 years and have done all types of sales and consulting jobs. I am also certified with Trinity College of Health as a CNHP- Certified Natural Health Provider, because I feel that the alternative medicine field is a necessary compliment to the medical field. I traveled the country opening up Wellness Stores within Pharmacies and worked with a pharmacy buying group for 15 years consulting with independent pharmacies. I enjoy certain types of sales, mostly MLM, where you can operate your own business. Currently, I am working with a Legal Plan Provider company that deals with legal issues and identity theft, and reviving my Real Estate investing business again. I still dabble in the nutritional areas. I am also helping my partners, a physician and nurse, developing some unique nutritional products which has been challenging but fun.
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