Master Key – 2018 – Week 13 – For Auld Lang Syne

For Auld Lang Syne

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As another year goes by the wayside, it’s time to make serious changes without professing ridiculous New Year’s resolutions, and fortifying the old blueprint. Now more than ever, I must “always keep my promises” and a New Year Resolution would be a recipe for disaster.

As I have gotten older, and supposedly wiser, I think I have finally determined that I have the key that can finally unlock the mystery of why I act in ways I really don’t comprehend.

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So instead of doing the same things every year to make significant changes and fail, it’s time to get more serious and make significant changes by doing the basics and exercises in the Master Keys. As Zig Ziglar says, “Its time for a checkup from the neck up”.

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The Seven Laws of the Mind continue to intertwine through our journey. In particular this week,  the Law of Growth is in play. I have learned that “spiritual activity is endowed with creative power, that not just some thought, but ALL thought is creative”.

But more importantly, Haanel states, “that if you deny unsatisfactory thoughts you deny them of their creative power. Thus we are sapping them of their vitality”. This is in perfect harmony with the Biblical Scriptures.

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I must eliminate all bad thoughts and replace them with good thoughts so we can continue to grow with health and vitality. If I don’t conquer this I will never have a clear vision of the person I intend to become.

So now at Christmas time, I must be very careful about what thoughts I entertain. In comes the Law of Dual Thought. If I can control what I think and substitute any bad thoughts with good thoughts I can begin to develop positive habits, and break the chains of indecision and fear, and that I will continue to grow only if I stay committed.

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Everything seems to be slowly falling into place. However, the 7 Day Mental Diet is still a challenge, along with the Laws of the Mind, especially the Law of Substitution. This can be incorporated and make me change my thought processes into good habits and make me stronger each day. I must always keep in mind, that I cannot think of two thoughts at the same time, so when something bad enters, I must immediately address it and change my thought patterns.

In this holy season, as Og Mandino says in Scroll II, “Never will I allow my mind to be attracted to evil and despair, rather I will uplift it with knowledge and wisdom of the ages”. And what better wisdom of the Ages can you study than the wisest man in the World, King Solomon’s book of Proverbs. I am currently reading the book,“The Richest Man Who Ever Lived”,by Steven Scott. This is the steps King Solomon uses in the Book of Proverbs to reveal his strategies to achieve a life of financial success and personal fulfillment that corresponds perfectly to everything we are doing in the Master Key Experience. Nark and Devine are right on

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It is becoming clearer that I can utilize these changes with the readings, exercises, colors, and shapes, etc.,  so that I can continually affect the subconscious and develop my mind from numerous areas that will help get the absolute best results and keep me growing as I continue to discover all the tools I will be learning.

My biggest problem has been developing a clear mental picture of the person I will be and with the Vision Mapping process from Solomon, it is helping to bring it into crystal clarity.

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This whole course is now reaching into the core cause of my being. It’s starting to come together… This is where the Mastermind steps up?

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