Master Key – 2019 WEEK 21 I Train My Brain

WEEK 21   I Train my Brain

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If we can train our mind, to concentrate on a singular idea and focus with a laser-like tendency then we can accomplish almost anything. (Law of Substitution)

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As the weeks have passed by, all the exercises and practices to reprogram our thought processes is beginning o take shape in productive ways. Also, the Seven Laws of the Mind have garnered more meaning as we have progressed in the course.

The importance of the “sit” or the many years I practiced ‘transcendental meditation’ is becoming clearer in regards to how it fits into my training of the subconscious. (Law of Relaxation)

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I have never agreed with or approved of the lives and actions of the Hollywood Community and there disregard for decency. However, I have learned one very important fact about their profession that is critical to my quest for success.


The greatness of an actor depends upon him losing himself in the role of another character. The concentration, focus, and practice are paramount. Where the actor fails is that they do not translate that character into spiritual truth. Thus they are not the perfect role model to pattern one’s life after.

However, the practice of concentration is vital to all knowledge. As Haanel says concentration is the secret to the universe. (Law of Practice).

So now my goal is to add an intense desire to concentrated effort and continue to grow daily in quest of completing my goals by the matter of importance. For the more, I do this repeatedly on a daily basis the less effort is needed. (Law of Growth).

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I know now that if my subconscious is directed in the correct manner it can accept new signals that will transform my persona in a positive direction. (Law of Subconscious).

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The world is ever changing and for me to keep up with it, I must change. But the problem I have felt over the years is how to change and substitute good thoughts that will give me the best chance to positively impact my life and those around me. I must forgive all transgressions of the past to enable me to come in closer contact with God. (Law of Forgiveness)

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So all the years I struggled with the belief in God and the ideas I needed to strive for, are in essence accurately attaching these good feelings to the thought processes I can block out harmful and negative input that can hurt me in so many different ways. (Law of Dual Thought)

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God is really in control and for me to realize it gives me great peace and hope. Now, I must give even greater importance to my sit period, because that is where I can really come in contact with the Universal Mind who is all powerful.


Now things can happen because I believe I have been thoroughly tested and now it’s time to cash in for the Holy Grail, which is happiness and success.

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