Master Keys – 2018 – Week 12 Spiritual Science

Spiritual Science

When I look at how marvelously civilization has advanced thru Physical Science, I now understand how I can excel in all phases of our life thru Spiritual science, through the thinking process. A topic I did not focus on enough in my lifetime. Not just going to church and doing charitable actions, but actually thinking and understanding the ‘Universal Mind’, our creator, and seeking Him on a higher level.Related image

The answer is taking the concept of spiritual science and correlating them to actual life experiences. The problem I have experienced in life is that of action and follow up to my dreams and imagination. Although, I have experienced some successes with thinking and acting, please excuse me for the outdated pun, ‘outside the box’, I still have not really reached a project or goal that I can really feel I have accomplished something grand that will last for a long time, and be considered a legacy. I need the right key to unlock my mind.

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I have had vision and imagination but have not used my thinking correctly to establish those traits within the spiritual process and coupled with action and direction in proper tune with the Universal Mind.

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I am learning to keep my opinions to myself and not trying to change someone to my interpretation of life and events. Not only friends and associates, but family members can become hostile when discussing sensitive issues. It’s time to focus on my DMP and self-improvement, and situations I can have a positive influence.

When I have had a worthy goal or aspiration that I have put to work and then not realize why it did not succeed, it was the innate laws of my mind within, that I did not fully understand. It was the creative power of thought run amuck.

During this learning process, I now know that concentrated thought, with the proper effort, can result in accomplishing a particular desire. But Haanel says that ‘Thought will bring conditions with the predominant mental attitude”.

Related image

That has been the missing link. I now realize that I must have the correct thought process and make sure it is in conjunction with the Universal Mind.

Still much to learn. The journey continues….

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Master Keys – 2018 – WEEK 11 – Standing on the Threshold of a Dream

Standing on the Threshold of a Dream

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My life, for most of my adolescence and adulthood, has been governed strictly by feelings and emotions. I justified this pattern using the excuse that I am a descendant of “Latin Ethnicity”, and thus those characteristics were expected and passed down by my Italian ancestors.

Thus explanations and excuses were always used to justify any adverse situation. Most of my family reacted in like manner so that it was always considered normal behavior. Even my friends functioned in a similar fashion.

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We all believed in God, but it was an acceptance of growing up Roman Catholic that formulated our explanation of the spiritual world and our lack of intuitive thought. We just accepted our teachings as “Gospel” and responded accordingly, at the direction of the priests and Church hierarchy.

We had a lack of understanding of the knowledge of cause and effect’, or the subject of “organic and inorganic”. My only experience with those topics was taking Organic Chemistry in pharmacy school and that was enough to turn me off to those terms. Consequently, no one I have known seemed to be totally satisfied with their respective lives, no matter if their circumstances were good or bad.

But now with the realization of how understanding our mind in both the spiritual and physical realms, through the Master Keys, can change our concept of happiness and satisfaction with our lives is essential. This revelation has brought hope and a sense of power to my life, knowing I can accomplish more than I ever have is exciting.

Related image

I now realize that if I can control my thought and manifest its dynamic energy that I can completely transform my life to the better. But, so far I have learned that nothing can change unless this power is harnessed and guided in the right direction by understanding the Laws of the Mind and concepts we are learning to place this motion in action.

Thought being the connective link between myself and the Universal Mind is exciting, but it is tempered by the realization that I still have a ways to go before I can accomplish my new definite purpose in life. However, concise direction allows my creative power of the thought to believe that I have already obtained my particular desire.

Related image

But once I can thoroughly obtain and truly understand this ‘knowledge of cause and effect’, I will be well on my way to planning my life in a way I never dreamed possible and accomplishing its attainment with courage and lack of fear, free of my old mindset. Joy!

As the apostle, Paul said, “Beleive that ye receive and ye shall receive”.

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Master Keys – 2018 – WEEK 10 – “Cause & Effect”

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Having been a little plump for most of my life, I was always trying the latest fad diet. You name the diet and chances are I was on it at some point in my life. And since I had tried practically all of them, you can determine what my results accomplished. To make matters worse I seemed to have gained a few extra pounds every time I stopped the diet which provided more anxiety and depression.

Related image

In addition I joined gyms, walked, ran, did the latest burn program available in convenient CD form, but I continued to gain weight over the years and finally, it led to a gastric bypass. The final solution.

Image result for free clip art overcome stress

I finally understand why I was not successful in my diet endeavors, was because I had no definite knowledge of cause and effect. Thus I was governed by feelings and emotions. Typical yellow.

Image result for free clip art feelings and emotions

I could always justify my actions. I was the victim. However thanks to what I am learning today I now know that every effect is the result of a definite certain cause. Just by understanding this one concept I know I can meet problems directly with a different outcome.

Related image

Now fast forward to this month and it is time to go on a different diet. The 7 Day Mental Diet. Well, I thought diets to control weight were challenging, but this is the hardest diet I have ever attempted in my life. This was a heavyweight battle between my resolve and the formidable subconscious that has been calling the shots for over 65 years. A definite mismatch of the greatest proportions.

Related image

To succeed, I must tap into the Spiritual Power, which is superior because it exists on a higher plane. It is dependent upon close contact with the Virtual mind. The thought is the connecting link between the Universal mind and myself. To harness that creative power I must recognize the power of the Creator and harness that power.

Related image

It has been a learning experience but one that teaches the true meaning of mental stability, for if I can control the mind for a period of time, it will change everything in my quest for Nirvana. Every exercise and assignment in this course is now coming together to harness the power of the virtual mind. That is what I need to tap into to successfully complete this journey we are taking.

Related image

I have promised my self I will not only get through this course, But I will utilize all aspects of what is presented to me and do the work beyond my expectations, and I always keep my promises.

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Master Keys – 2018 – WEEK 9 “I just dropped in……”

I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in?”

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This was the title of the songwriter Kenny Rogers first chart hit that dealt with the dangers of LSD back in the Psychedelic Era of the ’60s. I thought of this song and maybe what the problem in the ’60s was that they used drugs and other artificial means to try and alter the ‘condition’ of their minds. In retrospect, all they needed was to apply the ‘Law of Growth’ and change their condition through positive affirmation,.

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What they lacked in the ’60s was the way to change their condition, and that was by changing what they thought.

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Seems simple enough, but the application takes patience and consistency. I have been learning by applying laser focus to controlling what thoughts I entertain in my mind. When I get a negative or useless thought, I try to change it and think of something that will either get me closer to my DMP goal or gets me closer to my Creator.

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I’m learning I don’t need artificial means to change my condition. No drugs, No alcohol, No stimulants of any kind, just the desire to change in a positive manner, All I have to do is hold in my mind what I desire and claim that it already is true. Because I now know that two things cannot exist at the same time in my mind.

Related image

I also realize that this concept holds real in the spiritual world as well, so now I can think positive thoughts of confidence, courage, success and know that I have the mental ability to tap into the Omnipresent, Omniscient,  Virtual Mind of God and utilize his commanding support as well. A new positive affirmation I will add to my daily reading, along with “I can be, what I will to be”, is from Philippians 4:13; “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.

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Now let’s get “subby” in line.

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Master Keys – 2018 – WEEK 8 “Going Clear”

Related image

I had a very close friend spend thousands of dollars and study for years in ‘Scientology’ to as they say in that religion, ‘Go Clear”.  It was a unique choice of words that caught my attention, but since I did not have the time or money of John Travolta or Tom Cruise, to pursue that path, or his for that matter,  I lost interest in that thought.

Related image

Years later my friend is back to his usual self and never mentions the money or the years of studying he spent in that particular pursuit. He seems the same as he has always been with no great epiphany with respect to his attempts at nirvana.

The lesson that this has taught me was that ‘going clear’ was a state of mind and there was no easy way to achieve clarity of mind no matter how much money you spent or courses you take.

Why? Because all this change was working on the “World Without”, instead of the “World Within”. In my case, I do not want to speculate on the thousands of dollars I have spent on Tony Robbins, Brian Tracey, Zig Ziglar and the dozens of others I have dabbled with over the last 4-5 decades?

Now, however, I am beginning to realize that “going clear” is now an attainable trait. This week I have learned that clearness and accuracy are essential to developing a mental image of the kind of person I want to be and it is only attainable by understanding that it must be built firmly and securely in the world within.

It does not take years of studying or spending endless money on this pursuit but understanding the process of the Master Keys and the importance of doing the exercises on a constant continual basis. It is more than just understanding how Idealization, Visualization, and Manifestation operate, but linking them and connecting them with the Laws of the mind and our readings so that everything clicks together.

Related image

Another key life moment I learned this week was the importance of “managing myself” and in particular managing time. We all have 86,400 minutes to use during a day and we must make the best use of each minute whether it is to work, play or relax.

Image result for free clip art minutes in day

This to me emphasizes the ‘Law of Practice’, because now I realize that this law is the glue that holds the other laws we have studied together; Forgiveness, Substitution, Relaxation, and Dual Thought. These laws in conjunction with the 5 p’s, of ‘perfect practice prevents poor performance’, will be the key to my continual journey over the coming weeks.

Now I am finally realizing that the ‘sit”, the index cards, the Movie Poster, the Press Release is just as important and connected with doing the readings daily. Skipping any of these just delays us from “Going Clear”.

Image result for free clip art clear mind

I always keep my promises

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Week 8 – 86,400 to spend as I please…

The Silk Road - A Hero's Journey


If you had £86,400 mysteriously deposited every day in a bank account, that ‘expired’ at the end of the day, you’d make sure you spent it all wisely wouldn’t you?

All of it!

If you didn’t spend it all, whatever you had left over is gone forever at the end of the day.

To not spend it all wisely would be a wasted opportunity for the benefit of you, your family, your connections, and others.

For me, this is the key to it all that was hidden in plain sight.  

The difference that makes the difference.

Of course, I have always known this, but putting it in terms of money in the bank for a limited period of time, for some strange reason seemed to trigger more of a reaction of urgency and best use in me, than my actual life in seconds (which just goes to show how…

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WEEK 8 The Master Keys Experience

Mama P's Closets

Home on The Range versus Hard Mental Labor

Mooooovvve over negative thought before I must start this mental diet YET again…. It’s Psychological warfare!!! I am herding a “cattle” of thoughts going in all directions.

Mental habits are hard to control.  Awareness of thoughts is the assignment for the 7-day mental diet.  This diet comes with a warning…lingering on a negative thought more than a few nanoseconds and you are starting back on day one. I am getting a distinct feeling that this is a lifetime practice. Who goes for 7 days without holding on to at least one negative thought?

This is hard, not fun, and a bit alarming to realize what is going on between those two ears.   My view of the type of person I thought I was is shattered.

Being aware of thoughts is taxing.  “Bring back the daydreaming”, my old self YELLS!!! It was fun. …

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Master Key 2018 – WEEK 7 – The Battle for the Mind

Image result for free clip art battle for the mind

The battle for the mind continues. As we prepare to do battle and take the next step in the fight to develop our “new blueprint”, the game plan begins to take shape. We must first begin to understand the process and commit to the time and the exercises that will eventually begin to tame the elusive subconscious.

Related image

I realize now that the work needed must not only be done in workmanlike fashion but in intensity and the realization that total commitment is the only way we can succeed. By failing to commit 100% we are doing ourselves a great disservice and leading us along the path of failure and a life of subservient to a negative world within our own mind.

The key is our DMP, it must be clear, concise and truly express what we expect out of our future life. Clarity of thought and constant positive input to the subconscious along with performing our exercises with passion and purpose will be the turning point of our lives and those we touch every day.

Related image

The battle is bigger than our immediate world, so if we can accomplish this change and do the things that will make everyone around us happy and fulfilled along with ourselves than the sky is the limit.

I have also realized that I cannot make these changes by myself. I must include my Mastermind group and listen and study to those around me that are familiar with this process of change. It is time to finally take this to the next level, to get plugged into our alliances and begin to share the experience and help anyone along with ourselves in our quest for change. I must sell out completely or mediocrity is my fate.

Related image

This will be the ultimate win-win-win experience. Its worth it because I am love and with this love must make the necessary changes to pass this love to myself, friends and family.


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Master Key 2018 – WEEK 6 The Shape of Things to Come

Image result for free clip art shapes and colors

The journey continues to take shape. It is amazing to realize how far my psyche has been affected over my lifetime and has spun so far out of control. I had never known, even in my pharmacy school days, that the “subconscious” mind was innervated with millions of neurons and pathways, while the “conscious” mind was made up of a few thousand neurons. It is easy to see why this discrepancy gives so much more control and power to the subconsciousness.

It is amazing how using colors and shapes to link new patterns of thought can have a positive effect on the subconscious. As powerful as the subconscious is in the scheme of things, it is remarkable how easily it can be redirected. Unfortunately, that can work in the negative as well.

In addition, all the negative reinforcements that the subconscious has absorbed over the years far outweighs the positive reaffirmations and thus we find ourselves in the midst of ‘self-doubt’ and the all the negative influences that can make us miserable.

Related image

It reminds me of the battle of ‘good’ vs ‘evil’, the light against the darkness. We now have a dilemma on our hands because we want to change the ‘old blueprint’ and create a new more positive blueprint that will free us and allow us to accomplish all our dreams and desires. However, the task seems formidable. For now, we are battling the very essence of the subconscious who has literally a “mind of its own”. We know by experience that we are fighting an uphill battle and that it will take work and effort to make the necessary changes and there is a time curve that must be dealt with to sustain any change. Knowing the battle we face and the challenge the stubborn subconscious will present, along with all the negative self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy that dominates our minds makes us concerned against this daunting challenge.

As we are taught in the Master Keys, “the feeling of being overwhelmed is your subconscious telling you to quit….we must over-rule it”.

Related image

The battle begins now. Am I going to be the type of person that will actually over-rule it or will I be overwhelmed by the challenge and give into the old blueprint? To change I must press on and dig in to alter my future. The time is now to make the stand.

Image result for free clip art dont quit

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Master Key 2018 – Week 5 – Winning the Game of Life

Related image

The popular board game, “Monopoly”, is a game where you buy Real Estate, as pieces advance around the board according to the roll of the dice, or in other words, by chance. In real life, the game of “Monopoly” patterns closely to the game of “life”. There are many buyers but only one seller, and we win by chance and the abilities we have to “Create an edge”.

By not understanding the concept of the “World Within” we extinguish our ability to permanently change our old environment and adopt changes that will be positive and allow us to live a more happy and productive life.

Our thought processes work very similarly and the ones who succeed in life are the ones who best control their minds and not rely on chance alone. The more we learn how to control our thoughts and the cause of every event in our life, by whatever means creates this “edge”, will help us succeed above our dreams.

That is where the Master Keys comes into play. Not only reading Haanel’s works but combining them with the exercises will allow lasting change to take place. The exercises all work in congruence with each other.

Image result for free clip art spiritual growth

This brings us to the importance of the DMP being read 3 times daily, but also as important the two Primary Pivotal Needs. I never realized the first time how important these PPN’s are connected to the DMP. But even if the two I picked may sometimes seem out of sync, once these are established all of them will fall into place.

Spiritual Growth & True Health are the two Primary Pivotal Needs I have chosen to begin the hero’s journey.

Because I believe in the Christian faith, the Universal Mind is the God of Abraham to me. Because growth comes through trials, Scripture also teaches we are not to grow weary in the process. Much spiritual development is the result of persistence. “As for you, brothers, do not grow weary in doing good” (2 Thessalonians 3:13). “And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up” (Galatians 6:9). So this fits in perfectly for how I am approaching the remaining MKMMA weeks.

Image result for Free clip art true health

To me, True Health is “Optimum physical, mental and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease.”

How can I assure myself that I have the best chance of enjoying ‘well-being’? It begins by having a body that is working as it was designed to work. My training as a Pharmacist and understanding The Sympathetic & Parasympathetic Nervous Systems, shows me that the subconscious can affect my total well-being. Thus, an important aspect of health is how well my nervous system is orchestrating the workings of my body

My brain, spinal cord and all of my nerves control and regulate my body. Every cell, tissue, organ, and system (even my immune system!) take instructions from my nervous system. And guess who controls the nervous system, that’s the ‘subconscious. So ultimately getting “Subby” in line with my spirit, is essential if I am to attain well-being.

Now the correlation of the Mater Keys and the primary pivotal needs is to master my thoughts which control the nervous system, and that will help me control the game of life.

Related image

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