Press Release


George DiLeo, interviewed by WMBS Radio’s George Von Benko.

Nemacolin Restaurant, Farmington, PA

Retired Pharmacist introduces new innovative Holistic Device and Wellness Clinic that is revolutionizing the treatment of pain and circulatory conditions.

A Radio talk show host, George Von Benko, has known George DiLeo for many years dating back to their high school days in Uniontown, PA. There is no better person to chronicle the journey George DiLeo has taken for much of his life. He has witnessed the up and down career pattern that Mr. DiLeo has traveled for over four decades.

Dileo is distributing a remarkable holistic device that increases oxygen flow over 30%, unheard of in the medical field, and plans to open a number of wellness clinics that will promote better living and longevity for everyone. The results are incredible.

In addition, he is working with other healthcare professionals to intro diet, exercise and better living techniques to the Bemer device that will be essential in life-extension that baby boomers are looking for as the approach their later years.

George Von Benko asked Mr. DiLeo a series of questions over lunch at the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Farmington on a beautiful day in this mountain retreat,

“This is not the first time that I introduced an innovative program that created a new paradigm shift in the medical community. In 1979, two years after graduating from the University of Pittsburgh, School of Pharmacy, I opened up a Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy in my hometown of Uniontown, PA and caused quite a stir in the medical society. I was the first to actively promote generic prescription drugs to the public and completely alienated most of the physicians and practically all the other pharmacies”. He also introduced shorter working hours and guaranteed the lowest prices, again unheard of in the industry.

“I had three physicians actually report me to the Pennsylvania Board of Pharmacy and two others went as far to complain to the Attorney General’s office.  However, today, you cannot purchase a tradename product if an equivalent generic drug is available” he laughs.

“It is a common problem when a new innovative technique or product is introduced. People are afraid of change and will first attack it before accepting it. “Arnold Bennett said it best when he said, “Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts”. “That is what I experienced firsthand.”, said DiLeo.

My question is why at his advanced age in life do you want to again do battle with the medical community and where does he get his energy and skill set?

“Life is like a puzzle”, DiLeo states. “All through life you learn a different piece, but when you put them all together you form a beautiful picture. However, the one step I have always failed in was the application and applying of those pieces”.

I then asked him, what makes today different form the past?

“I was fortunate enough to be introduced to a life-changing course that helped to transform my life, and allow me to utilize my natural talents and reprogram my subconscious to accept only success and banish failure”.

“By learning the concepts taught in the Master Keys Experience, it allows me to use my special talents and God-given ability of vision to change my old blueprint and  to positively affect everyone around me to attain the very best that each is capable of achieving in our life’s journey”.

“It wasn’t easy. It took 27 weeks to get through the initial course and this is my 3rd venture into the half-year course, then I must continue to utilize the concepts and exercises on a daily basis that could bring about this life-altering change and transformation. But the time spent was well worth the results”

I asked George how was he introduced to the Master Keys and what exactly is it?

“It actually started with me over two decades ago when I lost my pharmacy and businesses and lost practically everything, but the love of my wife and children.

He explained; that everything he attempted had promise but never materialized into the capability it presented. Not because of the opportunity, but because of his own self. Through all the hardship he endured, he developed a serious lack of self-discipline and self-confidence. When he was on the verge of breaking out, he sabotaged himself by succumbing to the Fear of success. The result was financial instability.

What the Master Key Experience incorporates is the teachings of Philosopher Charles Haanel and his 27 chapters of the Master Keys. In addition, readings from Og Mandino, Napoleon Hill are incorporated along with exercises and meditation done on a daily basis. But it is how the course is presented that is unique.

“It allows you to reprogram your subconscious and control your negative and emotional thoughts and prepares you to succeed in every phase of life”, which is vital.

“It also teaches me to schedule my time which is so important, from watching too much TV or social media to getting the roper sleep and getting on a time management program”

I was curious to how that relates to his Bemer business and the Wellness Clinics?

By developing good habits, I was able to get more work done, think more clearly, solve any problems or issues that arise and develop a strategic plan to make the clinics operational and profitable.

By meditating it has allowed me quite time to think and create new ideas and potential programs and alternative programs that don’t use drugs or requires trips to the hospital or expensive clinics.

What are your ultimate goals over the coming years with your Clinics and your personal life?

Our ultimate goals is to provide for those who truly want to change their life without drugs and are looking for ways they can increase their longevity and live pain free or help irradiate chronic disease.

Unfortunately that won’t be everyone because we are slaves to the insurance and drug companies and are programmed to continue this terrible cycle of chronic disease state.

The USA ranks 41st out of 41 industrialize countries and takes 80% of the prescription medications n the world while only encompassing 5% of the world’s population.

This is totally unacceptable and for those who feel the same way we will be there to help. Plus we will be able to introduce them to the Master Keys and healthy living ways so they can change their life and those around them as well.

A win-win-win for everyone.

In closing, I have known George DiLeo for years and believe he is on to something big. I will be visiting him in his clinic very soon….